Waterford A.C. 200 Point League December 18, 2017 Junior, Master, Senior

WAC 200 Point League 2018 Poster

What is it about?

The 200 point league awards points to members for participating in events on road, cross country, and track and field. Everyone that participates in those events gets the same points regardless of finish position. At the end of the year there will be 4 draws for cash prizes. There will be a draw for everyone that hit 200 points (4-prizes), 150 points (3-prizes), 100 points (2-prizes), and 50 points (1-prize), that means if you get to 200 points you have 10 chances of winning. One prize per person.

Why are we doing this?

  1. We want all our members to be able to target a league win regardless of how fast you are, how far you can throw, or how high you can jump.
  2. We want to reward and encourage members to support local, charity, and championship events.

How do I enter?

All you need to do is be a paid up member of the Waterford A.C. and list your club as Waterford AC in results so we can find you. We will do the rest.

What races are included?

Only designated events from our event list will count towards your points total. It wouldn’t be possible to track the results of every event in the country so we have picked on average 4 events a month that will count. Events marked with a on our events page are all 200 point league events. There are no dedicated marathons. You can run any marathon you choose here or abroad however you can only score for one marathon a year even if you run 2 or 3.

Do all events carry the same points?

No. Points are roughly based off 2 points per mile for a road race, 20 points for cross country and track and field, and 50 points for any one marathon in the year. There is a 20 point bonus for a championship event and a 10 point bonus for marshalling a Waterford AC event. For example the National 10k gets you 32 points (12 + 20).

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